The NCRC&DC is working with Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District in 2015-2017 to install large, landscape-level water conservation systems in the West Sonoma County area.  These large projects are funded in part by the California Fisheries Restoration Grant Program to help restore salmonid fisheries in the north coast.

Salmon Creek Dairy Project:  In this project, the NCRC&DC partnered and contracted with GRRCD to eliminate a critical diversion from Salmon Creek by approximately 1,408,000 gallons per summer through the construction of a rain water roof-catchment pond. This will leave approximately 7,800 gallons a day during the critical dry season in Salmon Creek. The project will build a pond to store rain water harvested from the barns and buildings on the dairy facility so that no water need be taken from the creek during the 6 month dry period.

Westminster Woods Water Conservation Project:  In this project, the NCRC&DC partnered and contracted with GRRCD to implement a water conservation and storage project with Westminster Woods to eliminate a dry season water diversion on the mainstem of Dutch Bill Creek by constructing off-channel storage. This diversion is estimated to extract up to 4 acre-feet of water from the creek each year, and is documented to cause periodic decreases in stream discharge of approximately 0.3 cfs, a rate which often exceeds the total surface discharge of the stream at the point of diversion. Irrigation water demand has been reduced through the implementation of a suite of water conservation measures, and by supplementing the remaining irrigation water demand through use of water extracted from springs during the winter rainy season and stored in large water tanks for summer use.

If you are a farmer or rancher and wish to start a water conservation project for your land, please contact your local Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) office as well as your local Resource Conservation District for ideas, assistance, and more! 

NRCS Field Offices:

NRCS-Area 1
Ukiah Service Center
1252 Airport Park Blvd., Suite B-1
Ukiah, CA 95482
PHONE 707-468-9223 FAX 707-468-5278

NRCS-Area 2
Petaluma Service Center
1301 Redwood Way, Suite 170
Petaluma, CA 94954-1136
PHONE 707-794-1242 FAX 707-794-7902


Resource Conservation Districts within Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino, and Lake Counties can answer many questions for you regarding water and other conservation activities: 

Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District

Marin Resource Conservation District

Mendocino Resource Conservation District

Sonoma Resource Conservation District

Lake County Resource Conservation District (West Lake and East Lake RCDS are in the process of merging)