You can join our Human Race Team--The Human Race is a nationwide community fundraising event for nonprofit organizations and every year we participate in the spring in Santa Rosa, becoming part of the largest collaborative fundraising event in Sonoma County as well as the largest Human Race in the nation! The 2020 Human Race in Sonoma County is on May 2, and features a walk through Howarth and Spring Lake Parks, rain or shine--families (and their dogs) walk, and many kids and adults wear great costumes! Some of the best are caterpillar costumes with multiple walkers wearing a caterpillar outfit!

Organizations like ours recruit walkers/runners/donation-gatherers to raise funds.  The run and walk is open to all. The Human Race is a proven fundraiser that has been successful for Sonoma County nonprofits for 35 years and continues to grow. Last year, the  NCRC&DC had its best year ever--all to support our programs where simple changes make for big impact in climate change, water conservation, pollinator habitat protection, composting waste instead of landfilling, and more.

You can join our team!  If you want to talk to someone about being on our walking team, call Oona at 978-4149, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..